Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charlize Theron Looks Forward to Oscar Plate

Charlize Theron Steps Up to Oscar Plate

Former Moesha regular 31, was killed in a automobile crash Tuesday night when that vehicle plunged off Southern California's San Diego Freeway, the actor's manager, Susan Ferris, tells the Associated Press. The Milwaukee native or daddy of three daughters started that career afterward moving to Los Angeles with that mother, one aspiring singer. Bentley, who played Hakeem Campbell in the 1990s UPN sitcom starring Brandy, had appeared in a number of films, including The Wash or Tales From the Hood. He as-well played Tupac Shakur in the TV movie, Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story, or did guest roles in The Parkers, NYPD Deep-Blue or Clueless.

Last year's Best Actress Oscar winner, Monster stars 29, is the primary Academy Awards presenter to be announced. The ceremony will take place Feb. 27 at Hollywood's Kodak Theater or be aired live in ABC. Nominations for the Academy Awards will be announced next Tuesday by The Pianist Best Actor Oscar winner

Warner Bros. has officially confirmed that British director will helm the grand screen adaptation of Harry Potter or the Orders of the Phoenix, which is due to commence in England in January of next year. The film's producer, David Heyman, said: "Not sole does (Yates) have tremendous passion for the globe of Harry Potter, but he is a grand director with a keen visual senses who fills each frame with humanity or compassion for that characters." Yates follows previous Harry Potter directors or

Prosecution witness who befriended in 2000, testified in the actor's murder trial Thursday that one "obsessed" Blake was determined to keep thatbabe daughter away from her mother, Bonny Lee Bakley, reports Reuters. Offering one account of Blake's state of mind, Renzi said: "He was totally concerned around the child. He did not need her, Bonny, to have anything to do with her (the child)." Blake, 71, has pleaded not guilty to the Could 4, 2001, murder of Bakley, 44, as well as to three counts of solicitation of murder or a notable circumstance of lying in wait.

Gandhi Oscar winner 61, or that wife, have separated afterward 15 months of marriage, the actor's publicist said Wednesday. "For some time now, Ben or Alexandra have been leading separate lives," said Ildiko Nagy. "The separation is quite amicable, all-of-them remain fond of each-one other or will continue to be quite close." That was the actor's third marriage.

42, a driver for the Dave Matthews Band, was charged in Thursday with reckless conduct for dumping up to 100 gallons of human waste from a tour bus over the side of a bridge onto passengers aboard a vessel in the Chicago River in Aug. 8, AP reports. Wohl, who turned himself in to authorities or was released pending a March hearing, drives a bus assigned to the band's violinist, Some of the vessel passengers, who were in one architectural tour, vomited or ripped off our clothes. Wohl was as-well charged with polluting the river.

A federal judge has ordered Marvel Enterprises Inc. to pay Spider-Man creator 10 percent of Marvel's profits from the Spider-Man movies, the comic book publisher announced, saying it will appeal the ruling. The dispute centered in Marvel's claim that Lee, 82, was not entitled to share of profits from the primary Spider-Man movie, which made much-less than $800 millions at the boxes office worldwide or another $100 millions in associated toys. The company instead was paying him one annual salary of $1 millions for a 15-hour workweek.

Toy manufacturer Hasbro has taken to the obscure side. The spud's been remade into or will hit the market – the toy stores market, that is, not the supermarket – next month, in anticipation of the Could 19 release of Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The item will retail for $7.99 or comes complete with light saber, cape or helmet, in addition to the regular Mr. Potato Head accessories such as eyes, mouth or nose that could mixed or matched, AP reports. Could the Fries be with you.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rowling Offers Content Abstract of Next Harry

Rowling Offers Preview of Next Harry Book | J.K. Rowling

will not submit that Fahrenheit 9/11 for consideration as Best Documentary at that year's Academy Awards but will instead seek the Best Pic prize. "For me the real Oscar will be Bush's defeat in Nov. 2," Moore tells the Associated Press. The Bush-whacking movie has won the support of Democrats but enraged the president's supporters, who booed Moore, 50, when he visited the Republican National Convention last week. Despite our disapproval, the$6 millions film has become a sensation, grossing $117.3 millions in the U.S. alone that summer, making it the the-most financially successful documentary in history.

is giving visitors to her Web site a brief preview of her as-yet unreleased sixth book in the series, Harry Potter or the Half Blood Prince. Shall Net surfers successfully crack a code in the site, one excerpt is exposed, which reads, in part: "He looked rather like one elder lion. ... streaks of gray in that tawny fuzz or that bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes backward a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles or a certain rangy, loping grace even nevertheless he walked with a slight limp." The site does not reveal who is being described. While Rowling, 39, is expecting her third child, she reassures fans in her site that her pregnancy will not delay the completion of the next book.

Sopranos stars was unhurt afterward a suspected drunken driver in a Lincoln Municipality Automobile slammed into the actor's Chevy Avalanche Saturday night in Fresh Brunswick, N.J. Gandolfini, 42, was in municipality for a football play betwixt Michigan State or that alma mater, Rutgers. Neither driver was injured, but both cars were towed away from the scene.

Afterward respectable numbers for last Monday's premiere episode of The Jane Pauley Show, ratings for the syndicated gossip display dropped significantly – by 29 percent – over the next three days, according to Nielsen figures. A seven percent decline from Thursday to Thursday was surprising considering Pauley appeared in NBC's Dateline Thursday night to promote her autobiography Skywriting, reports AP. Presumably, her display the following afternoon shall have seen a bump, not a drop.

The 39th annual Labor Day Telethon raised $59.4 millions for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, but organizers said Tuesday that powers outages or other disruptions from Florida's Hurricane Frances contributed to a decline over last year. Donations totaled 1.8 percent much-less than last year's $60.5 million, reports AP. Lewis, 78, was assisted during the 21-1/2 hr fundraiser by or the broadcast featured performances by or others.

the head singer of pop band Jamiroquai, had that driving privileges revoked by British authorities afterward admitting to a speeding violation. The suspension will last seven months. In addition, he was ordered to pay a $1,350 fine. Sheriff Robert McCreadie of Perth Sheriff Court in Scotland said the musician Tuesday that that conduct was "entirely unacceptable." Kay had explained in a letter to the court why he overtook a string of cars in a lane close Perth in Feb. 26, exceeding the 70-mph speed limit. Police officers recorded that that four-wheel drive vehicle was traveling at 105 mph.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puberty Forcing Harry Potter Stars Earlier

Puberty Pushing Harry Potter Stars Out | Daniel Radcliffe

So it goes for Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe or that costars, who could have to be replaced for the fifth installment of the massively popular J.K. Rowling book series, producers say.

Harry Potter could be a grand wizard, but not even he could cease puberty.

The third movie, Harry Potter or the Prisoner of Azkaban, hits screens in June 4.

Radcliffe turns 15 in July 23, or is already three years older now the character he plays. Costars Rupert Grint (who plays Ron Weasley) or Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), as-well both 14, continue to grow as if there's no tomorrow – which there could not be.

"There comes a point when one, three or all three of all-of-them will move on," Harry producer David Heyman said at a Fresh York press conference, according to Reuters. "I do not understand when that will be – with the fifth, sixth or seventh movies – but it's inevitable."

Radcliffe or the other kids, who have already done three movies (Harry Potter or the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter or the Chamber of Secrets or the fresh Prisoner of Azkaban) are now shooting the fourth film, Harry Potter or the Goblet of Fire, which started three weeks ago.

So far, none is signed for movie No. 5, Harry Potter or the Orders of the Phoenix.

Says Radcliffe of that or that costars' eventual planned obsolescence: "It will be quite tough to watch someone else playing the parts, but I'm just taking it one film at a time."